Big Rigs and Semi Trucks


Cash for Cars Oregon wants to buy your big rig! Cash for unwanted big rigs and semi trucks.  No matter what size truck or big rig you have, we can come and haul it away, while leaving cash in your pocket.

Many cash for cars businesses will not take big rigs, as they do not have the proper equipment to haul or recycle a vehicle of that size. But here at Cash for Cars Oregon, we have the proper equipment to haul your big rig, and our on-site crusher is capable of compressing a vehicle of that size.

Please call us today for your free over the phone valuation for your truck or big rig, you will be happy you did!

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about our cash for big rigs program.


I have an unwanted big rig that does not run, how much will you charge to tow it away?

Once we have agreed on a fair price for your big rig, we will happily tow it away for absolutely no charge. As previously stated, here at Cash for Cars Oregon, we have all the proper equipment to haul away and recycle your unwanted big rig.

What will you do with my unwanted big rig?

Just like the other automobiles we recycle, we will first remove any useful parts your big rig may still have, then we will crush and shred it. After the shredding process, we will remove all useful metals and landfill all materials that absolutely cannot be recycled. All the while making sure that this process is carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

How will Cash for Cars Oregon determine the value of my unwanted big rig?

The value of your unwanted big rig will be determined by the current market value of steel and aluminum combined with vehicle condition, mileage, make, and model.