Junk Car Buyer and Certified Wrecking Yard

Cash for Cars of Oregon is a state-recognized salvage yard; licensed, bonded, and insured.  Serving both the Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro area.  Being a family run operation for over 30 years has allowed us to assist thousands of folks, just like you, in removing unwanted, dead, junk cars, trucks and other vehicles.   Most of the people we see on the internet that say they “buy junk cars” are not licensed or insured.  Many times your old vehicle ends up in the wrong hands with your name still on the title.  This can cause you numerous legal and large financial problems.  Not to mention a huge waste of your time and energy. We are the trusted Junk Car Buying choice that makes it easy to get cash fro unwanted vehicles.

When you deal with Cash for Cars of Oregon, you are doing business with a salvage / wrecking yard that has been buying dead and unwanted vehicles from people in Portland and Vancouver for over 30 years.  Work with us once and I think you will agree that we have the process down to a science.  We really do make getting rid of your dead car or truck easy and profitable!


Easy steps to remove your dead car in Portland or Vancouver

  1. Call or email us and we will give you a quick quote
  2. We pick up your vehicle and pay you for it

Cash for Cars of Oregon pays more than people on Craigslist because they end up bringing those vehicles to us.  Cut out the middle man and get more money and peace of mind working with a legitimate, local company that will responsibly recycle your dead, unwanted, junk vehicle.